• Our area has a solid practice advising on the most important and complex water regulation issues in the country in all sectors, especially for mining, electrical, industrial, agricultural, and real estate projects.

    We have a broad experience, successfully accompanying over 100 investment projects, in the design of the legal strategy and the scheme to obtain enabling titles before the National Water Authority (ANA, by its initials in Spanish).

    Our professional practice includes sponsorship in procedures related to water use rights, discharge or reuse authorizations, ANA’s Favorable Technical Opinions (OTF) to Environmental Management Instruments, ANA’s Opinions on Strategic Hydraulic Public Domain Assets for the granting of investment easements, authorizations for works in water sources or headwaters, economic retribution for water use, determination of ecological flow, among others.

    Likewise, we provide services within the framework of claim procedures against the receipts issued by the Sanitation Service Providers (EPS), including the regime of tariffs for monitoring and management of groundwater, as well as the regime of water balance for the calculation of the volume for the collection of public sewage and Maximum Allowable Values (MAV), until the last instance before the SUNASS TRASS.