• We advise on the development of real estate projects, including the verification of urban aspects and characteristics; the study of titles, property restructuring, obtaining surface rights, titling of urban and rural properties, allocation of State property, among others. Likewise, we advise on the design and structuring of projects at the contractual and administrative level; with personalized advice for the preparation and negotiation of contracts to obtain the required rights of use of land (surface area, usufruct, easement, purchase and sale, assignment in use, among others).

    We also have an interdisciplinary team specialized in advising and intervening in the diagnosis and physical-legal restructuring of urban and rural properties for different administrative-registry processes (including among them the accumulation, first inscription, independence, subdivision of properties, acquisition prescription, rectification of areas and boundaries, regularization of horizontal property and management of permits and authorizations necessary for construction projects of any kind), as well as the multidisciplinary team necessary for efficient property management in vast rural lands.

    We have advised multiple transactions related to obtaining rights of use of land for the construction of hydroelectric, wind, solar generation, mining, hydrocarbon and commercial and residential construction projects.